Current Research Project: innovative models of contracting out in four countries 

Within the current context of austerity, where many Local Authorities are exploring alternative approaches to managing green space. We are doing a collaborative project with academic partners in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, exploring how UK local authorities structure the management and maintenance of parks and other green spaces, streets and highways. A survey is being sent out to all local authorities in September 2015 to gather and share information about current practice in contractual arrangements for green space maintenance.  With this information, we hope to find out what is working well and what is not and the reasons for this.


Past Research Projects

Sheffield Places Project

Researchers at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape are examining how cross-sector partnerships in the city of Sheffield work on the ground. The project (funded by the ESRC) brings together individuals and groups involved in green and open space management to exchange ideas about partnerships in practice. Read more…


2008-12 was a European partnership project involving six EU countries that focused on innovative approaches for planning, designing, maintaining and using private and public open spaces.

2012-to date aims to promote re-use of vacant sites by working transnationally to implement innovative spatial planning policy instruments, and by stimulating regeneration and sustainability across the North Sea Region of Europe.

2008-12 was a Europe wide partnership looking at where to target resources to maintain green infrastructure at a city/regional scale to deliver the greatest economic benefits.

2003-08 was a European project demonstrating the link between landscape quality and investment decisions. It found the level of management a key factor in investors’ perception of an area as a good place to invest.